10 secret things about me

  1. I am terrified of sharks in an irrational way. This insane fear has been with me since I was about 5 years old, which means I did not go into any ocean water until I was 21 years old and even then, I refused to go any farther than knee-high water.
  2. I like super deep conversations about everything, especially things I don’t understand fully.
  3. Sometimes I am so extroverted that I scare myself. I was shy as a little kid and sometimes I feel very introverted. But I can sort of turn myself on and be super outgoing.
  4. No one ever knew anything personal about me when I was a child. I kept so much to myself that even my high school friends knew very little about me.
  5. I was so lonely as a child that I played board games by myself. I would set up all 4 positions and moved myself around to play each spot.
  6. As a teenager I locked myself in my room and cried almost every day because I was still lonely. I didn’t have many friends and I thought no one was like me. Up until 7th grade, I was closer to boys and by middle school, the boys couldn’t be my friends anymore. The girls didn’t like me because I didn’t look like them.
  7. I barely passed college because I couldn’t manage myself or a reasonable routine that helped me complete all of my work, especially all the reading.
  8. My brother was my best friend from the time he was born until I was about 11.
  9. My favorite subject has always been science, but I gave up on science and being a doctor in college. I didn’t think I was smart enough to handle it, instead of realizing that I couldn’t manage myself.
  10. Sometimes I make plans knowing full well that I will cancel them the day of the event. Things sound fun when I make them but my anxiety takes over and suddenly I can’t handle the idea of leaving the house.

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