About Me


Air Force Veteran, Sparkling Conversationalist, ADHD Energizer Bunny and Advocate, Avid People Watcher, Aspiring Writer, and Owner of OCD intrusive thoughts that suck

About ME

I’m just an average dude, trying to be my authentic self, which is very scattered, an insane perfectionist, and can’t let go of every dumb thing I’ve ever said or done.

I’m also a fiercely loyal empath who loves my wife and kids because they are my whole world. My parents are ok too.

I have the most incredible friends and extended family.

Stuff I Enjoy

New Technology/Home Automation/Virtual Reality
Music (70s, 80s, 90s)
Good books

Puzzles, Pets, and Pizza Making!

Leopard Gecko!

Don’t let yourself get stuck in boxes. It makes life boring.

Cat in a Box