Not Today

For the first time in weeks, I have nothing I HAVE to do today. No appointments, no commitments, no soccer practice, nothing to do outside of my house.

What a wonderful gift of a day.

May has always been hectic because it’s the end of the school year where I’ve lived since I had kids. It’s nice weather so there’s outside things to do. And it’s always been crazy busy when you add in a bunch of other appointments and things that have to be done to close out this school year while also preparing for the next school year.

My plan is to use this day to plan some things that I need to do in general like phone calls I should make to schedule appointments I know I need to get done for me and the kids. We’ve got Girl in a soccer camp at the beginning of June, Boy #3 has earned a scholarship to a YMCa sleepover camp that same week, Boy #2 will be working at a Ford dealership changing oil, checking fluids and tires, and helping out with whatever they need, and Boy #1 is probably going to be doing a paid internship at a local funeral home before he sets off to college for mortuary sciences.

I love a good to-do list, but I need to be careful and make sure I don’t make a list of things I won’t do. I tend to do that a lot and I get frustrated with myself OFTEN. I truly want to get those things done, but I end up pushing them back over and over until I just don’t do them. Or I somehow get them done but never find my list to check them off. It’s all kind of crazy sometimes how I know what I have to do but I can’t make myself do it. But some of these items I MUST get done and soon.

So my only task that I am giving myself is to make this list of things to get done that only I can do. That will make me feel much more productive, although I am a big advocate of active resting when you need it. I may try to do some active resting today as well, but I don’t think I will need the entire day for that.

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