Taking ownership

I’ve had a couple of life-changing things happen in the last week or so, mostly revelations in my own mind and results from deep meditation. I feel like I’ve turned some corner on everything. It’s showing up in weird, unpredictable ways, but mainly it’s the peace I feel inside me now.

I do editing work for my hair cutting person and she gives me free haircuts. I’ve been doing a lot of editing recently and getting free haircuts for awhile. She messaged me at the end of last week and basically said she doesn’t need any editing for awhile so I will start paying for haircuts again. And I felt…fine. No angst about if I did something wrong or she wasn’t happy with me for some reason. I took it at face value without reading into it. I saw her the Wednesday before and she needed to talk to me about something that happened with her mom. She couldn’t wait to tell me about it because she knew I would understand. So we are still friends. There’s nothing to be worried about here.

I haven’t been feeling as much anxiety in general lately either. It’s like something has settled down inside me for some reason. I feel almost like a different person inside, and more like I can feel what my purpose is for the rest of my life. It’s so freeing to not be as worried about everyone else like I used to be. I just need to focus on what I feel inside and act accordingly.

Change can be scary, but clarity can bring great relief. This is definitely a change that I can get behind for once!

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