Daily Prompt 4/1/23

Daily writing prompt
What’s the biggest change in your life from the Covid-19 pandemic?

Pre-pandemic life was me working in the Air Force, in the office 99.9% of the time, drained, desperately needing help, married, and unable to take any medication or get any assistance for ADHD, PTSD nightmares, or anxiety.

Now I am married to someone amazing who loves me and treats well, I live in a completely different state, I am retired from the Air Force, I go to therapy regularly, and I can get help to live better. Not everyone chooses to take medication for ADHD or anxiety, but I do. I fought against it for a really long time and that just seems so silly now.

So for me, it’s not just the “biggest” thing that’s changed in my life; it’s my ENTIRE life that has changed. I don’t recognize my life, but in the very best way possible.

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