Work Camp

I am feeling better today, less stuck. I have decided that the kids will spend part of their day picking up around here. I know that’s not very fun, but it’s got to be done. They’ve been better about cleaning lately, so hopefully there won’t be a huge fight when they find out that we will be cleaning. They have a fun trip coming up, so this is all I’m asking before we go. Help get the house ready so we don’t come back to a bunch of cleaning. Yesterday I cleaned out the entire fridge. I cleaned up some clutter. I recycled a bunch of stuff.

I’m not sure I really understand how I could’ve been so stuck in the afternoon but went on to hyper focus on cleaning the fridge. The list that felt so overwhelming yesterday feels much more manageable today. It’s clear to me which things need to be done before the trip and what needs to be done after we get back. It’s crazy how different my brain can be from day to day.

I also was able to suddenly text people back that texted me yesterday or before then even. It’s so weird how sometimes I just feel like I can’t handle anything and other days I can do it all. It’s so annoying. I’d like to be able to just be productive no matter what. I wish I could shake my brain out of the funk it slides into so often. I am just repeating in my head over and over to remind the kids that they’ve got work to do today. I don’t want to forget like I often do.

My hope is to get almost everything done today that’s on the pre-trip list. Then tomorrow I can get some other things done ahead of schedule for when we get back. I just want to get ahead of schedule for once in my life.

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