Today has been the CRAZIEST day ever

And here’s why:

  • My wife was picking up my Clonidine at the pharmacy today while she was out and asked if they happened to have any Adderall. The tech was shocked to discover that it had JUST BEEN DELIVERED and now I’ve got a full month of Adderall!
  • I got a random message on Ancestry from a DNA match that I was puzzled about. The tree she had made no sense because I didn’t recognize any names on there. She said she was adopted as a young child and has been looking for her family for a long time. She’s about my Dad’s age and she seems really nice. She had the birth mother’s last name and she said the grandmother’s name. Now, I’m not sure if that’s her mother’s grandmother or her grandmother. I’ll ask when I write her back.
  • The cats are still a lot today and now the kids are too. It’s just the beginning of Spring Break and everyone is losing their minds. Thankfully the weather looks fairly decent this coming week, so I can send them outside to burn off energy.
  • Yesterday my Dad posted something about all this banning of drag shows and that sort of thing and how it’s so harsh to go after people who don’t fit the expected mold. Since I read that, I have felt like maybe he’s going to be ok with me no matter what. I am just so excited about this unexpected development. It’s like he’s fighting for me already.
  • And on Friday night, I was messaging with my mom who sent me an article about more bullshit happening in the Florida legislature and she said something about how would the kids of these GOP leaders turn out. I told her they probably don’t even care about all this. I then told her that these 4 kids don’t care about it at all and just use whatever pronouns their friends ask them to use. And then my mom said, “I am old and I don’t care about that either. I care about the rights that women are losing and that discrimination doesn’t become legal. Everyone should have the same rights to just live their own lives.” Whoa. So maybe my mom isn’t going to freak out about me either. This is so awesome. And very unexpected.
  • I feel so happy about all of these new developments, except the kids and cats losing their minds. They all need to SETTLE DOWN.
  • Oh, and I ordered more half moon cookies to be shipped on April 3rd. That’s a Monday, so even if they are shipped the next day, we shouldn’t have them suddenly make a bizarre trip back towards where they came from!

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