What now?

I feel something stirring inside of me. Something I am meant to be doing. Sometimes it feels demanding, like I am running out of time to do whatever this is. Other times it feels like I need to just slow down and listen, learn what this calling is about. I have tried on so many ideas in my life and sometimes lost money and friendships, so I definitely feel like slow and steady is the answer.

But how do I find my way to my life’s purpose? How do I figure out what this stirring is telling me? I know that I am very interested in understanding people, getting to know them, observing them, and coming to conclusions. I love people watching and I always have. I could spend an entire day at a place and watch everyone around me. Actually, that would be fun. Just sit around at a Starbucks or Panera and watch the people around me. Observe human interaction a few days a week.

What could I learn? Maybe other people are regulars there. Maybe they are also people watchers. I have so many questions about why generations act certain ways or why some stereotypes are so prevalent. I know that individuals are often different from the group, but as a group there are similar characteristics. But how many people strive to be like the stereotype of their particular group or groups? Back in college, it seemed like everyone who was experimenting with their sexuality tried on that butch lesbian look for awhile. How often does that happen?

Maybe I want to write a book about all these observations. It might be really interesting to see what I can figure out after some observation for a period of time I need to determine. Maybe the rest of the year? I don’t know, but I really like this idea!

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