Boy #1

Things are starting to fall into place for him. He found out today that he has been accepted into a pre-mortuary sciences program about three or so hours from where we live.

What a huge relief.

Not that I didn’t believe in him and not that I didn’t think he could do it. But it has taken TWO years for him to get to this point and get himself prepped to go back to school.

Now comes the fun part of figuring out living arrangements for him and getting the VA money set for him as well. He will be close enough to get to him fairly quickly if he needs helps, but he’s not so close that I’d be tempted to visit constantly. I’m not that kind of suffocating parent anyway, I want all 4 of these kids to figure their life out with some assistance, but no helicopter parenting.

I’m just excited that he will be in a big city, which is important to him. I am hopeful that he will find friends to for ma band with, which is also important to him.

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