One very focused day

For some reason today, I was ON IT. I love days like this. I got a ton done around the house, including things that would’ve been weekend projects if I hadn’t done them today.

The morning started with the bath fitter guy coming to replace the bent shower rod. Funny story…Boy #3 likes to play games with hot water in his bath and found out the hard way that the shower rod can’t support his weight. When I finally realized that it was actually bent (I don’t usually shower with my contacts in, so everything looks distorted in the morning!), I was MAD. It’s bolted to the walls, who the heck bent it and how? When he fessed up, I calmed down because he was honest about it. We decided since bath fitter has a lifetime guarantee, we should see if we could get it replaced for free. And so we did!

The previous rod and/or set of hooks were also rusty and disgusting. The shower curtain was gross too, as well as the liner. We had another curtain, but I wanted to get plastic rings and a new liner to put up with the new curtain. Got that done today too!

I built a slim table for behind the couch that has a couple charging ports and will hold some other things like a box of tissues, a craft light, and maybe a glass or two. That was a weekend project that is now complete!

I got all the Easter candy bought and hidden away until Sunday. I also got Boy #3 and Girl to pick up and toss the old shower curtain and liner, as well as the mess from the slim table. That’s a win. I also found all the tax documents so I can get on that tomorrow, and I did some general pickup around the house. I got Boy #2 to take out trash AND put in a new bag, which he never remembers to do. I’m charging the Ring doorbell from out front too. And I’ve even taken afternoon Adderall. What a day!

Now I need to just remember how good this feels and that I DO have greats days like this when I feel down and out about how hard it is living with ADHD. I wish I could be this productive every day, but as long as I just keep trying, it’s all good.

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