So I took a couple days off from blogging to drive home on Tuesday and then I spent yesterday resting and relaxing after the vacation. It was nice to have that time off from everything. Today starts up with everything in normal life again. So far so good. Vacation is so good for clearing your head and getting a change in scenery.

I feel so focused this week, which is nice after a few exceptionally scattered weeks. I feel ready to tackle everything on my plate and to-do list. I want to get things ready inside for the (hopeful) start of spring outside. We’ve got garden boxes to fill, herbs to grow, all kinds of outdoor furniture to take out of the garage. So much to do and I can’t wait! Easter is coming too and there’s some decor to switch out and things to do to prepare for that. And then we start the end of school year hustle. Late April-May becomes a HUGE challenge for us with everything the kids will need to do. Thankfully everyone will be remaining at the school they are currently in, so there won’t be anything to do with that.

But we are trying to get Boy #1 into college for the fall and that’s going to be another challenge to tackle. He’s not great about follow through sometimes and I get annoyed with his lack of action sometimes. It’s like he only partially realizes that he has to reach out and grab what he wants. Things aren’t just sitting there waiting for him. Nothing will fall into his lap. It’s like he’s whizzing by all these trees with fruit hanging off that’s easily reachable and he won’t reach out and grab it. It’s frustrating as a person who would grab everything they could at every opportunity. I’ve always felt like that.

The key for me at these times when I feel great and ready to get things done is to pace myself. I often exhaust myself with trying to get everything done and then I’m useless and it’s like that propels me into a scattered frame of my mind. It’s so frustrating when I see myself burn out and fall apart for anything period of time. I want to figure out how to get over that hump of scattered disaster in my brain. It’s so annoying. Why can’t my brain just do what I want it to do?

3 responses to “Home…rested”

  1. This will be our first Spring/Summer with our own backyard, so we are excited about growing some things too!

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    1. Gardening is fun when it goes well!

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      1. Yeah I bet there will be a lot of trial and error. 😊


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