Daily Prompt 3/23/23

Daily writing prompt
How has technology changed your job?

This is a funny question, only because I don’t have a job currently.

But of course technology changed my job while I was in the military. I was in the Air Force, the most technologically advanced branch. And over 20 years technology is going to change significantly. For us backend flyers, it was computer upgrades and quicker ways to access our capabilities. We also got upgraded hardware parts and screens at one point. We were getting software upgrades annually, with major releases every few years. The people who adapted to those easily were generally the younger people. I know I adapted so much easier the first time I was stationed there. I’m also a techie and love new technology.

I get that from my dad because as soon as he saved enough for a computer, we had one. It’s funny how the split between Gen-X and Millennials involves home computers. There’s that weird crossover spread between 1980-1985 or so that they call X-ennials because they are a cross. Even though I am solidly Gen-X by the year I was born, I grew up with technology and computers in the house. We were the first ones in the neighborhood to have a computer, so I was playing on the computer long before my friends were. If computer access and use is the dividing line, I guess I’m more Millennial than Gen-X.

My dad always has the best tv of my entire family. He drives us crazy with that. IF my brother or I get a new tv, he wants the biggest and latest model he can find. Their tv is ridiculously large. I can’t stand watching it because you’re sitting too close to this gigantic screen. But his love of tech is the least Boomer thing about him. He can navigate a lot of tech things, which is nuts because he has zero mechanical ability. He’s tried to build tv stands and other things and it takes him a freakishly long time. Once, while I was away at college, he was downstairs trying to assemble some simple end table and he was cursing up a storm and screaming. My brother got home, sent him upstairs, and finished the table in about five minutes. When my dad asked him how he did it with those crappy instructions, my brother said, “Well, for starters, I didn’t use the crappy instructions because they suck. Just assembling it was easy for me. I can just see how it’s supposed to go together.” My brother can build pretty much anything. I don’t feel as confident in my mechanical skills like that, but I can mess with electricity safely and engineering type stuff. Both my brother and I were trained on electronics and electric systems in the Air Force. It’s easy stuff for us. My dad can memorize facts and give a great lecture on history. But home improvement is not his jam. At least he’s learned this about himself and stops tormenting my mother with his attempts to fix things.

Back to the prompt topic, though, there’s very few jobs that aren’t impacted by technology in some way.

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