This was upsetting to read. I remember my mom pushing me away around this same age. Maybe younger. And reading this hurt in a way I wasn’t expecting at all. I’m on good terms with my mom right now. There’s been so much healing over the past 6 months. But her rejection all those years ago still hits me in a way that I haven’t dealt with obviously. I feel like crying for this kid, and for little me. This idiot mother wonders why her child is avoiding her now. Duh, you moron. Your child feels completely rejected. She will now try to tackle the hardest part of life -the early teenage years- alone. Stupid, stupid mother.

3 responses to “Triggered”

  1. I came across that article too. It’s a shame for a child to be pushed away like that by her own parents. That’s going to change her whole future.

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    1. And the mother will always wonder why her daughter never visits on holidays.

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  2. ###

    This was really sad. I’m sure many parents go through this when their child is too old to cuddle, especially if they are raised by a non-cuddly mom. And I’m sorry that the daughter feels rejected by her mother. It’s normal to feel that way at some point in your life. It’s something that will hopefully get better with time.

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