Big Deal

I am still learning this. My internal monologue always tells me I am making excuses or making a bigger deal out of something. I have to work at turning off that voice or it will tear me to shreds every day.

I am susceptible to gas lighting because of this internal voice. I already struggle with believing that I am the problem in any misunderstanding, so having someone tell me I am the problem is just confirmation of what I already know.

But every day I find these nuggets of wisdom that I read and repeat to myself multiple times in an attempt to finally believe that I am not the one with the problem and that I do get to make a big deal about things that feel big to me.

Today was a great day, even with the unexpected tree removal that scared the cats and essentially trapped me in the house because the driveway was full of tree limbs at various points during the day. I was productive and enjoyed getting some things done today. I hope I wake up feeling Wednesday as much as I was feeling Tuesday!!

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