Daily Prompt 4/26/23

Daily writing prompt
What gives you direction in life?

This question actually amuses me because I have spent a lot of my life aimlessly wandering, or just afloat, allowing the wind to blow me where I need to be. I used to feel like that made me a bad person, or lazy without any direction. But I am learning as I get older that I am like a seed. I grow and then let myself float until I find where I am supposed to be next.

Once I get there, I find the direction to burrow into the soil so I can prepare to grow and do whatever I need to do. That’s how I found myself in the Air Force and how I finished my college degree. Pre-med didn’t work out for me, so I tried a few classes and found that I really enjoyed English and studying literature. And writing a little bit.

I still feel like I’m afloat right now, or maybe I’ve landed in the right spot after the wind blew me here. I think I’m just resting up to start the hard work of turning into a plant. I know that just like every other time, I will find the direction I need once it’s time. It’s always hard to trust that the timing will be right, but everything else enables me to have the privilege of resting and healing right now.

Something big is going to come out of me when it’s time though. I can feel it. Whatever is on the horizon, it’s what I was meant to be doing.

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