Some days you just need a…

Nap. Today was one of those days for me. I don’t mean to keep going to bed late, but it just happens sometimes. I find that I have too much energy to go to sleep and then there’s a bunch to do and so you stay awake longer than you should.

Bit of catnip. We got some new catnip toys for the cats today and they both enjoyed drunken play time and now they are each knocked out, unable to do much at all. It was funny to watch their drunken play, though.

Half moon cookie. Yes! My newest order arrived yesterday and they are delightful. They had a much less eventful journey than my previous order. (many days of travel required here, here, here, AND HERE) And so they are fresher and even better than last time!!

Day off. The kids have a four day weekend and my wife is off on Monday. And then she’s off again on Friday next week and we are going treasure hunting! Actually, it’s antiquing but I like to call it treasure hunting. I love the idea that there might be some awesome thing just waiting for me to find it! What could it be? What will we find? The last adventure wasn’t all that great. It was a huge place with tons of stuff, but it felt picked through. And so many things were behind glass so you needed to ask an employee to come open it. Too much work. I haven’t been antiquing enough to have a “thing” that I’m interested in. I guess that means I’m interested in everything. I hope to one day find toys I used to have as a child. I’ve seen some of the things on ebay, but the cost is usually too high for me.

Something to look forward to. We’ve got some things planned this summer like a concert in August. It seems like this year is flying by, so these things will be here before we know it! I’m looking forward to all of it.

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