Daily Prompt 3/21/23

What’s a secret skill or ability you have or wish you had?

I’ve always wished that I could draw. Two of the kids can draw really well and one can draw better than I can. I have tried so hard at times and even took art classes in high school and college. I enjoyed them quite a bit, but I never felt fulfilled. I always felt like my work was subpar.

I considered choosing art as a minor during my second art class in college. I was really enjoying it and loved having an art class twice a week. I mentioned it to the art professor who told me not to bother because I had no talent.

Thanks Dude.

That was more than 25 years ago and until recently, I didn’t try to create anything. No drawing, painting, creating, nothing. I had no talent.

After lots of therapy, I started to feel the urge to create again. It’s taken me awhile to get there, but I can’t wait to start painting and I don’t care what anyone thinks about that. It doesn’t matter if what I create is awesome or terrible. I’m not trying to make a living selling art, I just want to create!

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