Day 1

Today is Day 1 of me trying a new Adderall generic. So far I love it! It works better than anything else I’ve taken and being on two pills per day is amazing. It’s such a huge difference taking two, rather than one pill per day. I think I sleep better and feel better in general to be fully medicated.

Unfortunately the NP said today that we can expect this shortage to continue. Fun. I’ve managed to find medication so far with no real interruption and I hope that luck continues. I will call as soon as I can get it every month, which is about three days before I run out. Even if I miss a couple afternoon doses, which I always seem to do, I will start calling as soon as I can to get it refilled.

I find that state of healthcare in this country disgusting and foul. This isn’t healthcare, this is limping along until you die, with doctors who don’t care, multiple industries determined to keep you unhealthy to keep paying for substandard care. The insurance INDUSTRY controls what kind of medication we can access and what doctors we can go to. They can say no to the procedures that doctors think you should have. They can reject medical testing that you need because they “don’t think it’s necessary.”

Corporations are getting rich off of our sickness. That’s not ok. No one should get rich while others suffer. Insurance companies are getting rich from declining procedures you need. It’s not ok. And people who chalk it up to “capitalism” are idiots. Capitalism has no place in healthcare.

And while I am ranting about all this…why are dental and eye care not part of a standard insurance plan? Who decided those parts don’t count and require extra coverage? And why is dental care so pitiful? Not much is actually covered for some reason. I’m so tired of having to spend extra money on all of this nonsense.

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