Weekend Roundup

It’s Sunday already. I’m trying to make the most of that dang day that takes away an hour and makes you feel like you are nuts. The cats are getting to eat right when they think they should eat and technically I slept in, since there was that extra hour added on.

Friday night was fun. I don’t remember much about it actually, just that it felt like a good Friday. I love Friday evenings because you have the whole weekend in front of you!

Yesterday we took Girl to the theatre to see Aladdin. It was awesome. It was a night show though and we’ve generally done matinees. My body is telling me today to stick to matinees. The problem isn’t even that we were out late. The problem is the almost sprint trip to the bathroom that Girl decided she needed at intermission even though she went at dinner, and when we arrived at the theatre. And then, less than 45 minutes, she needed to go AGAIN. We live an hour away from the theatre, so going is always a good idea. I DREAD leaving my seat for any reason at intermission, because you will need to make someone move either leaving or coming back OR both. Last night it was just coming back since one entire side of our cleared out. But the bathroom line…ugh. It’s miserable. Totally miserable. We made it back with more than enough time but I was hot, sweaty, and irritated. Automated paper towels holders are unfriendly and leave you waving like a damn fool in front of everyone.

Today we are mostly relaxing. I was supposed to change a light bulb in the upstairs hallway, but just like my earlier post, I DO NOT HAVE THAT TYPE! My arsenal of light bulbs continues to grow because nothing takes the same bulb as everything else. It’s enough to make me scream sometimes. Why can’t we be limited to say, three different types or sizes of lightbulbs in various levels of brightness and the industry has to stick to those types? Thankfully it was a modern bulb that clearly showed what type it was, so I was able to order for Amazon delivery tomorrow. But I am annoyed. I had no idea that adult life would mean changing and buying 800 million types of lightbulbs. I am serious about buying the kids a housewarming basket for their homes, full of all different types of batteries and light bulbs. And tools. Here’s some tools, batteries, and light bulbs. Welcome to adult homeowner life!

Tonight we are having homemade pizza, which is my specialty. I love making the dough, which I try to do the day prior. It comes out better that way. I used to 00 flour, which is so nice. Pizza is my favorite food anyway, so being able to make my own all the time is so much better tasting and most cost effective. The family is requesting it every weekend right now, so I feel good about doing this for them.

This week coming up looks pretty chill, with me helping my friend work on writing captions for her socials and editing various documents she’s working on for her business. I need to help my wife at her job as well. And I will continue working on my music writing, which is nuts to me. I have felt for most of my life that actual pieces of music exist in my brain and somehow I am actually getting it out. I never thought this would be possible. Last night I had a dream about writing sheet music and I saw clearly the next piece that I will write. I don’t remember it right now, but I know it will just come out when it’s time. It was a slower piece than the one I am working on right now, though. I could see the sheet music blowing around in this weird organized way as a band was playing it. Like it was blowing off the conductor’s stand as he was finished with each page. It was great. I had no idea I had this gift. Boy #1 has near perfect pitch and I played what I have so far for him. He started telling me all the things it did that was cool and explaining the theory of what I was doing without even knowing it. Both he and Boy #2 told me it kind of reminded them of music from a Zelda video game. That’s not exactly the genre I am looking to be part of, but hey, if it makes my works recognizable to people I am all for it! Boy #1 said he will help me with it more once he gets here. I don’t mind for him to be part of the cleaning up and editing process, but I have to create it myself first.

Other weird notable things going on-my credit score went up because a creditor randomly added $22,000 to my credit limit, the kids don’t have school on Friday, next week is their spring break, and it’s been hell trying to find a pet sitter for our trip to Colonial Williamsburg. Who advertises in a neighborhood FB group that they’re available for pet sitting and to message them, but then says they don’t use FB very often, all while not messaging you back when you are trying to pay them to do the very thing they advertised that they do?? Makes no sense to me. I plan to ask one of the kids’ friends who lives in the neighborhood to come over since this person can’t be bothered to write back consistently.

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  1. Hello.
    This was an entertaining and relatable post. It’s great to hear that you are excelling in your music writing and continuing to work on your passions. Also, homemade pizza is always a win!
    Thanks for sharing.

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