Daily Prompt 2/23/23

Do you enjoy your job?

Sometimes these daily prompt questions are kind of silly. I like this question though, because I wish everyone could enjoy what they do.

I don’t have a job right now and I definitely enjoy that, although I do feel like I am supposed to do something more with my life when the time is right. My job right now is to relax and heal and I would say that I definitely do enjoy taking this time for myself.

I didn’t enjoy many aspects of my many jobs in the military. I had a desk job and a flying job. When you have a flying job, you also have a secondary duty to keep yourself current on all the training that you need for that job, which includes position-specific training tasks as well as well as things like water and land survival training, egress training, and other safety related training tasks. We had an entire section devoted to tracking all the training people need, but it was also each person’s individual responsibility to track their own training. I don’t miss any of that. The last time I flew was about 4 years ago and I haven’t missed that at all. I was done.

Looking back, so much of what I did seems worthless now. I’m sure it wasn’t, necessarily, but with the terrible Afghanistan departure and all the other times we’ve left our friends to deal with the mess we made worse, I’m even more sure that politicians know nothing about how things work. We simply refuse to understand other cultures and their priorities. We make promises we won’t keep and I think everyone knows that. But enough of this road. It leads to nowhere fast for me. I can’t dwell on it too much or it makes me very sad.

What I always enjoyed about my job was the cool people that I met and worked with. Although there were a few assholes too, almost everyone was awesome. I miss some of those people quite a bit, but not as much as I thought I would. It turns out that when you don’t let people in, no one really knows you well enough to miss you. It’s ok though. I am happy with where my life is and what I’ve got going on. I no longer feel lonely around people in my own home and I have hope for the future! And whatever it is that I am supposed to be doing!

One response to “Daily Prompt 2/23/23”

  1. I loved hearing about your Military jobs and can imagine you know SO MUCH about flying. It must have been so cool to know how to fly. I love your acceptance of your life and that you are enjoying time to rest and recover right now – that’s not a bad ‘job’ to have these days, is it? Hope you have a happy week xx

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