It was so awesome. Words cannot even describe the talent of the cast we saw. I was so impressed and happy to be there. I hope the cast knows how much joy they bring to people who have wanted to see this show forever. All I can think about is how much I want to see it live again. The recording on Disney+ does not do it justice. I don’t think I have stopped thinking about it since Wednesday night. I wish we had tickets to go again soon.

There is so much about the show that made me think about other things unrelated to Hamilton. Things like how fucked up our political system is right now with the two major parties and how this was not the way the founding fathers intended our government to function. I also started thinking about the same old thing I always think about, which is why gender roles are so strictly assigned in our culture. Why have people thought for so long that women are stupid and should be treated like property?

That leads me into this nonsense with Andrew Tate. That asshole…he’s a terrible person. Who determined that he was the only person with the correct opinion on how women are and how they should be treated. The number of followers he has is equally frightening. I just want to scream at all of them that no one asks to be born female, no one has any choice in what biology assigns them in utero. Assuming women are stupid and men are smart because of chromosomes is really dangerous. I’ve met brilliant men and women and very stupid men and women. Same thing with bad drivers. XX or XY doesn’t seem to really determine driving ability either.

I get so frustrated with the assumptions people make. Like everyone born male wants trucks and loves football. And everyone female wants to wear dresses and heels and make themselves look good for a man. I am guessing that other people spend so much less time worrying about gender roles than I do. Most people accept how they were born and live accordingly to that, following what’s expected of them in a reasonable manner that I just can’t seem to do. It makes me sad to think about it too much.

And as always, I have to avoid getting into that place where I think it would probably just be easier to pretend I am fine with myself the way I was born and continue living this stupid way where the lingering unhappiness follows me everywhere I go. I always think that it would be easier to pretend for everyone else than to continue enduring the stares I catch out of the corner of my eye. I don’t think it will ever get easier.

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