Neighborhood spy

I am hyper vigilant and have been for awhile. I’ve been told it’s related to PTSD. But it has turned me into a neighborhood spy. I can tell you all about our surrounding neighbors because I notice everything. I never intended to spy on them and it’s not like I stare out the window all day watching them. But I do look outside any time I hear a sound or see motion. And somehow I now know a ton about them. Across the street they have two sons who are getting bigger by the day. The older boy is a bit wild, but seems like a fun kid. The people to the left of them had their roof done last year right around the same time we did. The people to the right of them we call “brick house people” and last year the wife went to the hospital twice via ambulance ON THE SAME DAY. It was nuts. The people to the right of brick house people just had their roof redone recently even though it’s been damaged for over a year. They share a driveway with brick house people and sometimes brick house guy drags their trashcan back up the driveway for them. Someone in that house works nights as well.

Then there’s the bus stop “spying.” There’s long leash guy who has his face on his phone while his dog is far away from him on a 10 foot leash. It’s a retractable leash, so he COULD pull the dog in a little closer. Then there’s the people who need to play car musical chairs in their driveway every Monday morning. Boy #3 always says that they should take care of that on Sundays, but now I am wondering if that person works on weekends, which is why their car ends up blocking the other car.

Three of the four houses on the corners at the bus stop have been sold over the past year. One is deceptively small looking, but looks way bigger in pictures, one only has two bedrooms and a bunch of huge trees. And the one that just sold seems so bland. It sat on the market for months. There used to be a weird guy who lived there that always parked on the street and only parked in the driveway during winter, when we had a lot of snow expected. The fourth house on the corner has two dogs and an invisible fence. That makes me hate walking to the bus stop when the weather is nice because the dogs get so close to you. Well, the big dog does. The little dog barks from the front step.

The neighbors on either side of us are strange. To our right is a woman who is equally as nosy as I am. She asked my wife about me after she saw my car in the driveway for a couple of months. To our left is a couple who is mostly ok, but slightly weird. The guy is lazy and the woman works her ass off training dogs. There are tons of dogs passing through there and lots of barking any time we are in our driveway. It can be annoying but…I think it might be a good deterrent for keeping people out of our yard. We don’t interact with them much other than the occasional wave here and there. They had two obnoxious trees that present problems for us. One of them was taken down in the fall after it dropped a huge limb that nearly took out a truck that wasn’t ours. It belonged to our contractor’s employee and they took that branch down, chopped it up, and put it back on their lawn. If the neighbors would’ve answered the door, our contractor would’ve taken everything away for them for a small amount of money. That tree limb is still hanging out in the neighbor’s yard. They didn’t drag it back out front when the tree was cut down and everything was taken away. Weird.

There’s also a bizarre dude that rides a bicycle with rearview mirrors almost every day. He rides a bunch. Our neighbors also get a lot of Amazon, Chewy, and Ubereats orders. Like said, I notice everything. I guess one of the benefits is that I would notice something out of place. Maybe a better way to frame it is “Neighborhood Watch!”

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