The Things I Want to Ask…but won’t

Why was it so funny to you to pick on me and make me feel small all the time?

Why didn’t you trust me when you were the one who couldn’t be trusted?

Do you even know how much you hurt me when you put me down in front of everyone like that?

When you said I couldn’t take a joke, did you realize that hurt my feelings?

Why did you contact me after all those years when all I remember about you is that you were a bully to me in school?

Why didn’t you ever say you were sorry?

Did you ever feel like you really knew me?

Why do you think you know so much about me when I’ve never told you anything?

Why do you always have to be right?

Why exactly do you think I care about your opinion?

What did I ever do to you?

Did you even think about my feelings when you called me ugly?

Would you still be my friend if you knew the truth about me?

Would it have killed you to acknowledge that I was your grandchild?

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