The Sound of Silence

Disturbed version (Official Video)

This version of this song is MY SONG. David Draimen, the lead singer, just emotes so much during the entire song. The music, the instruments, the way he sings the lyrics, his face, all of it is so intense. I’ve known the original version of this song for my entire life and it was ok. But once I heard this version in 2017, I felt this deep fire inside of me but also an ache. It was like the pain inside of me had an anthem. I listened to this song on repeat for years. I watched reaction videos on youtube almost as long. I still do it sometimes, when I feel a little sad. Although the hole inside of me has closed up most of the way, the song still feels like it hits me hard.

I don’t think I will ever get tired of it, or watching people react to it.

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