The Kid Life

My wife and I spent the gloomy afternoon playing the Classic NES. It was just as fun as I remember, although I used to be a lot better. “Hours of a misspent youth,” as I call it.

Sometimes you just need to shake things up and do something when it’s too gross to get outside. Could we have done work around the house today? Sure. But this was way more fun and the house work will still be there for me to do tomorrow, when everyone goes to work and school and I have nothing better to do.

I will restrain myself from playing Nintendo all day and get going on my to-do list this week. No appointments scheduled and I’ve been productive most of the weekend, so I am hoping to keep this productive streak going as long as possible. Next week I see my therapist and the psychiatric nurse practitioner who prescribes my adderall and clonidine. I have some issues with my meds right now and I would like to get them sorted out over the next few months! Time to be completely honest with her and telling her everything that is going on and how nothing is really working anymore. Preparing for that appointment will take a lot out of me, so I need to set aside some time for that this week or early next week.

I really miss kid life, when I just played Nintendo, went outside with my friends, and only had to worry about school and what was going on with my friends. That seems like so long ago…

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