Daily Prompt 5/26/23

Daily writing prompt
What personal belongings do you hold most dear?

I also want to say that I have no possessions that matter as much as the people and pets in my house. But that’s inaccurate. There are a few things that I wouldn’t want to lose, like my computer with all of my writing from the past 2.5 years. I also wouldn’t want to lose any journals that I’ve written in, even if it was just one time. I once had a friend hold onto a journal for me for safe-keeping and he burned it up. He thought there might be incriminating things in it so he burned it up. Not a very good friend. There’s also rare pictures of me with my grandfather that would be extremely hard to lose.

I know it sounds crazy, but other than those things, I am not sure what else matters to me possession-wise. I have treasured items like childhood ornaments I’ve made or remember being given. I have things handed down from family members that are important. I have military awards and certificates that I am proud of. But I don’t feel so attached to any possession that I’d risk my life to save it in a fire. I think I would be more likely to save things that matter to my family more.

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