My kid got me sick

In fact, he infected all but one of the current 7 members of the household. Boy #2 infected us and Boy #3 is the only one who hasn’t gotten sick at all.

Girl was the first one to go down with a bad sore throat.

Then my wife, the Ex, and I all went down at about the same time.

Boy #1 was last, with violent sneezing and some congestion.

Boy #2 has been better for days, Girl is just slightly congested buy played soccer just fine today. The Ex is dealing with a lot of congestion and requires much rest. My wife is in a similar position. I have minimal congestion, my throat is much better, but I am extremely fatigued today.

It was picture day for soccer, requiring me to get up earlier than I normally do on a school day. Then I had to keep the team entertained and warming up for like 30 minutes, which is unusual for us. We don’t usually get much time to warm up. Then I coached the game and we were leaving the field at about 9:50. That’s a little over two hours with these kids.

It was a lot. I was already not feeling great and every ounce of energy I had went to that mess of a morning. Now I am beat and feeling sick-fatigued.

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