Daily Prompt 4/20/23

Daily writing prompt
What topics do you like to discuss?

All the things that are “impolite” to discuss like politics, religion, current events, delicate situations, and other things like science, technology, people’s life stories, and funny things that seem to be universal.

But I generally know when and with whom I can discuss the things that are most likely to upset people. I don’t start with these things when I am just getting to know someone. That wouldn’t be good.

I also am the kind of person that people tend to share easily with. Some people and I just click and then I suddenly know everything about them in one conversation. Sometimes I really love these conversations and sometimes I’m already so emotionally exhausted that it’s just overwhelming for me. But I can’t seem to stop myself from listening anyway.

One response to “Daily Prompt 4/20/23”

  1. Thank you for sharing. One set of topics is based on fear, the other on growth. They are both valuable topics but you are absolutely right, not everyone is ready to discuss any topic randomly.

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