The Transformed Wife

Sometimes I have this strange draw to read things I know will infuriate me. This woman is one of those people that creates nothing but annoying content. She is focused on “biblical womanhood”, which is a result of her misunderstanding and cherrypicking of bible verses. She is all about complete and total submission of woman, vehemently against women preaching in church, and actually advocates the silence of women in church. When confronted on her socials, she has one of 4-5 verses at the ready to respond to any criticism of her beliefs. She pushes these verses as proof of her beliefs with no context in the bible. It’s simple things like “law” today means government outside of church and religion, but law in the bible means God’s law to her. Weird contradiction.

This is the kind of nonsense she posts. Meek and quiet spirits? Live in submission? Work hard at the home? I look around at women I know and I don’t know many that I would describe as “meek and quiet.” Maybe I gravitate towards outspoken, powerful women but I find “meet and quiet” annoying, especially if that’s not what someone is. Are we not all created in our own way? Are we not all given a unique personality with unique gifts for a purpose? Some of her defenders say things like “Why is staying home and raising children not enough for women?”

I have nothing against mothers who choose to stay at home. I understand the struggle to provide for your family and decisions that need to be made financially. I know that sometimes a job will end up paying less than the cost of childcare and staying home makes the most sense financially for some families. I know other families need both parents to work to make ends meet. And for privileged families who can afford either choice, rock on, choose whatever works for your family. No judgment here.

But to lay on so much religious guilt like she does really bothers me. Does being a Christian mean that you follow the bible to a T, based on how one denomination or religion interprets it? Is there only one way to be a Christian? And which one of these many denominations has it right? So many questions and so many DIFFERENT answers. But I’m pretty sure that forcing people to ignore their personality and desires to do something you think the bible wants you to do is not the right answer.

4 responses to “The Transformed Wife”

  1. I’m pretty sure if she was literally practicing what she preaches, she should not be wasting her time, energy, and limited brain power maintaining social media. She should be “working hard in her home.”

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    1. Exactly! And her response to people who bring this up is “I am not preaching to men, I am trying to reach women in need of teachings about biblical womanhood. The bible says the older women need to teach the younger women how to be wives and mothers.


  2. It is not God who demands women be modest, meek and submissive it is the men who wrote such rubbish and published it in the Bible.

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    1. 100% agree with you!!


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