Daily Prompt 4/2/23

Daily writing prompt
Which aspects do you think makes a person unique?

What makes a person unique is someone who accepts themselves exactly as they are, quirks and all. I have met only a handful of people who genuinely do not care if people think they’re weird and embrace all of who they are with no reservations. Most of us have to go on a journey and struggle with accepting ourselves exactly as we are.

What also makes a person unique is when they don’t try to be artificially unique, like hipsters. If you are trying too hard to be unique, you’re not even close to being unique. I’ve known a lot of people who intentionally try to be different just to be different. They push away genuine interests to pursue what they deem to be unique interests. If you like gardening and home decorating, cool. Just because lots of people enjoy those things doesn’t mean you should avoid doing what you love to be unique.

I guess that also sort of answers the question as well. Maybe there is nothing really unique about any of us most of the time, especially when it comes to what we do and like. And then some of us like to be unique so we do a bunch of quirky stuff to prove it. What probably makes us unique is what’s on the inside and how we see and process the world around us. Unfortunately most of us are too scared to share that with almost everyone in our lives. I know that I am often terrified to let people see what goes on in my brain.

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