The Strangest Dinner I Ever Had

We went to a restaurant here at Colonial Williamsburg and it was bizarre to say the least. The waitress was a little nutty and acted strange at times. It was funny, but by the end it was just straight weird. It was one of the experiences that bonds you as a family and creates memories to laugh about for years to come. She just kept pointing out the most obvious things, like she saw we had used some sugar packets and said, “Something wasn’t sweet enough, was it?” Then she laughed like crazy. It was uncomfortable but sort of funny at the same time. She went to get a lemonade and was gone for 15 minutes. When we saw her again, she was carrying the lemonade. It was like she picked the lemons and squeezed them herself for those 15 minutes.

But overall today was another great day. We went to Yorktown and saw many things there. We went outside and saw some chickens and a rooster. The rooster seemed nervous when we were standing near it, but as soon as we walked away, he started crowing at us. Like he wanted to fight or something. And then, as we have done literally everywhere we have ever been…we went to the gift shop. Girl is a lover of all things museum shop. They had these tiny baskets for shopping and I think she filled it within 10 minutes. Since she’s already gotten a bunch of other stuff, she had to use her own money. She spent $75 of her own money. That’s hard earned allowance money, as well as leftover Christmas and birthday money. She saves and saves, and then spends it all, generally at museum gift shops.

But today I was intentional about not getting all up in my own head like I did yesterday. It’s useless to get worked up about everything from the past; all that really matters is what type of change you are working towards in the present. That’s where I need to focus myself mentally now. How can I work on the changes I want to see in the world?

We have one more day here tomorrow and then we leave on Tuesday. It’s gone by quickly. It’s not as rigorous as Disney World, but it’s still a lot of walking, reading, and listening. Some of these people are AMAZING at what they do and you can tell they love telling the stories and wearing the colonial era clothes.

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