Colonial Williamsburg

We made it to our vacation destination!

This place is amazing! We went on a haunted tour tonight, which was fantastic. Tomorrow we are doing a program called Women in the Trades and Boy #2 is shooting a musket. He doesn’t know yet, though. I am so excited for him to find out tomorrow afternoon. He loves weapons and war history and I know this will make his trip extra special. Unfortunately Boy #3 is too young, which sucks. He would’ve loved it too.

This was my wife’s idea months ago. We try to gift trips as part of Christmas. Christmas 2021 each kid got their own trip. Girl had a day trip to see the Van Gogh immersive plus, Boy #3 had a weekend trip (which we all went on) to see a Marvel exhibition in a super cool science museum, and Boy #2 had a visit to Bowling Green, KY (again we all went and tied it to a kid exchange with the ex) to check out the Corvette museum. They all had a great time on the weekend trips.

This past Christmas, we decided that we would gift them a family trip. We originally considered New York City, but decided against that for now. We are both from Central NY, so it’s our home state, but we are less familiar with NYC and wanted more time to research and figure out what to do. We also decided that since their interests are so varied, it might be difficult to find activities that everyone wants to do.

My wife thought about it and came up with Colonial Williamsburg. It was an amazing idea and we are already having a blast. I can’t believe that I am here and I can’t believe how excited the kids were to see all of this. They are having a great time upstairs in their own rooms and we are having a quiet time downstairs. You see, we rented one of the colonial houses because it sounded super fun. I do not regret that one bit. I would rather have a shorter vacation or take less vacations if that means we can do cool things like stay in a colonial house vs staying in a regular hotel outside of walking distance. The house we are in is right near everything.

Lastly, we got Wawa for dinner. We love Wawa, but unfortunately don’t live near one currently. So that was an unexpected surprise for us! This is going to be a very fun vacation, but also restful because things slow down early and we can get to back to the house early and go to bed at a reasonable time. (This is how I know I’m getting old. Talking about going to bed at a reasonable time ON VACATION!!)

Anyway, our vacation is off to a very successful start and we are all having a blast!! I can see us coming back here at least once more, maybe once with the kids and once just us.

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