Daily Prompt 3/20/23

What is your favorite type of weather?

I love fall weather the best. I like the cooler temps, the evenings outside around a fire, and the start of school, football, and holiday prep.

But I also love the sunlight we are getting now. It’s almost 12 full hours of sunlight here and I am crazy about that! I can feel myself recharging more every day and feeling better and better. I have a ton of problems with seasonal depression and this is the time when I finally start to feel normal again. Although this year wasn’t as bad as previous years have been, it was still rough at times.

I do like winter and the holidays, but I get tired of all the cold and nonsense as soon as the holidays are over. And summer, nope. I hate summer. I hate heat. I hate sweating so much. Thankfully I don’t live in the Southeast anymore, which was the worst. Heat, humidity, bugs. No way. I don’t miss that at all.

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