Daily Prompt 3/18/23

What do you wish you could do more every day?

I wish I could get out of my head a little more every day. Sometimes I ruin my own day thinking too hard about the past or something I’ve lost that I wish I still had. And then I feel sad. No one wants to spend all of their time feeling sad. I’ve been working on this very thing this year. I am doing better on it, but I wish I could increase the amount of time spent OUT of my head.

I wish I could focus on goals and dreams and make realistic plans to get there. But maybe I can. Maybe I can finally start seeing that path I know I need to follow to get to those dreams and goals soon. But first…let’s get out of my own way. Let’s spend more time outside my head and less time worrying about the past!

One response to “Daily Prompt 3/18/23”

  1. I so agree with everything you said!

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