Cats’ Revenge

These cats are out of control today. LIKE OUT OF CONTROL.

First thing, before we were even out of bed, one of them pulled the cover over the heating vent. How the hell she did that, I have no idea. Ridiculous cat. She was nuts. What the heck, cat??

Then the OTHER cat smacked Girl randomly as Girl was walking by. For what reason? Girl was just walking by, with no malice, no unnecessary noise, NOTHING. Girl was just walking. Unfortunately Girl has been smacked by many a cranky cat, so it wasn’t too scary. There still is no good reason for this behavior!

AND THEN, after my wife cleaned out the litter box, the first cat climbed in, turned around a couple times and proceeded to pee. It’s a covered litter box and the lid wasn’t even down yet. This is the same cat that bolts out of the litter box if she hears anyone come in the door near the litter box. The worst part is that the only reason my wife was still standing there was because she was about to add more litter to the box and couldn’t get it open. It was like the cat was waiting for the litter to be cleaned.

At least the kids are currently mellow. We have a standing rule here that if one of the three uses a pot, they must wash it. We were having problems with the sink full of dirty dishes including a bunch of pots that they were stacking other dishes on top of. If the cats AND the kids were out of control, then I’d need to leave for the day. It would be way too much.

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