Daily Prompt 3/13/23

How would you rate your confidence level?

This is a really interesting question. I once thought everyone could see right through me and knew I was faking my way through life, including pretending that I was confident in myself and my abilities. There have been times where I would have rated myself at a 2 out of 10, maybe 3 but everyone else thought I was somewhere between 8-10. Haha…sure.

I find now that my confidence is situational. Going somewhere new? I might muster up a confidence level of 1. Go into my wife’s work to volunteer for an event or something I’ve done more than once before? Solid 9, until something weird happens or I find myself among other volunteers I don’t know. Volunteering for something I’ve never seen before? Maybe a 5, but only because she’s there and she won’t lead me astray. Nor will anyone else I know there.

Doctor’s appointments? Depends on the doctor and what I need to talk about, but mostly I am 100% confident in what I need to do, so this would be a 10. I know my body better than anyone else ever will.

In general now, I think I sit around a 6, maybe 7. I have SOME of my life together, but not enough to say I am fully confident in everything that I do. Plus, I have found that times where I thought I was fully confident everything fell down on me and suddenly I was at rock bottom with no confidence. So playing it safe and real, knowing that there’s always something else I can be doing to better myself.

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