Super Disappointment

I am a Philadelphia Eagles fan. Although I am not officially from the Philly area, the ex’s family is, so that made my love of the Eagles “acceptable.” The real reason I love the Eagles is because I grew up in Syracuse, NY watching Donovan McNabb play college ball there and I followed him to the Eagles. I attempted to follow him to the Washington team (whose name at the time I will not say now) because I HATED the Washington coach at the time. I have been a loyal Eagles fan even though I have distanced myself from football since that time.

So I was jazzed about this Super Bowl. We had snacks and drinks and happy times planned. The first hiccup was the realization that our theatre season tickets for Hadestown was also yesterday. Not a show stopper, but it required that we prepared some of our snacks on Saturday. It was my wife’s friend’s turn to drive and she got us lost both on the way there and then again on the way back. Not lost, but out of our way. Grrrrr…. So that was hiccups two and three. Then there was the poor calls from the refs. So, so bad. All too often those calls change the outcome of the game. They reversed a catch they should not have reversed. That seems to be the moment the Eagles momentum slowed.

What was not disappointing was Rihanna, however. I like some of her songs and she can sing from great heights with no fear while pregnant. She is a force to be reckoned with! I know many people don’t love her music, but it was a good show. All those dancers were wearing some weird stuff to be at those heights, but hey, if they aren’t scared, go for it. Personally I am over the old white dude shows, although I like some old white dudes too. I still want to know when Janet Jackson can come back since Justin Timberlake was able to come back. It was all his fault anyway. Prudes.

I can handle the loss just fine. It sucks, but hey, there’s always next year. The Eagles played a solid game and the calls didn’t go their way. It’s all good! I still love them and will continue to be an Eagles fan for life! At least this way I can avoid buying any SB winner merchandise. I sort of went overboard when they won 5 years ago, which was evidenced by my wife and the three kids each wearing an item from when they won in 2018. I have more than that too. Sadly.

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  1. The calls were awful.

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