Today Sucks

I am working on a major project with my friend. She’s working on building her brand and wants to expand to a book this year. That’s the part I am helping her with. We were supposed to meet every Thursday. We met three weeks ago, then she canceled, then I canceled, and she canceled again today. This is a good thing because:

  1. My wife’s grandmother passed away this morning.
  2. She got a call from the radiology office saying that she needs another mammogram because they saw something on the one she did yesterday.

I don’t feel like talking about books and brands and anything like that. I feel sad for her and sad for me because I love her grandmother. I lost my last good grandparent in 2007, although my father’s mother passed away in 2011. She is not on my short list of good grandparents.

So today is not good.

One response to “Today Sucks”

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