Daily Prompt 1/18/2023

Where can you reduce clutter in your life?


this is particularly funny as a daily prompt after my earlier post today.

I am constantly fighting clutter in most aspects of my life. Literal clutter, electronic clutter, mental clutter. I can reduce the real clutter the easiest, the electronic clutter the second easiest, but the mental clutter is the hardest I find to reduce. Some days I don’t think I make much progress on it. But I keep going to therapy and hoping that it will get better. I guess it can’t go away completely, but eventually I will get there. I have to one day if I keep trying, right?

As for literal clutter, I have to make an effort every day to get rid of things I don’t need, whether that’s throwing something away, donating it, or just finding a place for the things I want to keep. I have to keeping trying every day. Maybe it’s that hard for everyone, or at least everyone battling ADHD, depression, anxiety, or whatever it is. I admire people that are super organized all the time and everything has its place. I want to be like that, but it’s not in my bag of tricks. You want someone to help you set up your new computer or phone? That’s one of my top tricks. But organization? Not so much.

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