Daily Prompt 12/28

Have you ever been in an automobile accident?

Yes, several and none have been my fault.

The most recent was 2012. I was going straight in the right lane on a busy 4 lane road. Someone in the left lane waved a person from the other side to turn in front of them. The person who was waved through just made her turn without hesitating to see if anyone was in that right lane. She just pulled through and I hit her. She couldn’t grasp that it was her fault when the cop tried to explain it to her. I had Boy #3 in the car with me. He was about 16 months old. My airbags went off. It was really bad. The car was totaled and the car seat was a loss as well. My insurance company gave me more than I owed on the car and paid for a new carseat. The other driver was not insured and had some seriously high fines for the ticket she got, as well as the later ticket for driving uninsured.

In 2002, someone hit me from behind. I was stopped at a red light and she just plowed into me. No kids yet, but it was a huge hassle getting my car fixed.

And sometime in the 1980s, I was riding with my grandmother and mom and someone t-boned us, thankfully at a very slow speed. My grandmother said a bad word (SHIT!) and that was what I remember the most about that accident. My mind was blown that my grandmother even knew bad words!! Her passenger door was very damaged, but it was fixed quickly, I think. My grandmother never really talked about it that I recall, but I always wanted to ask her how she even knew bad words! As I got older, I realized that the reason we couldn’t say certain words around my grandmother was more about being polite and not because she didn’t already those words. She just didn’t like “crass language.”

Looking back, I find it absolutely hilarious that I thought we were protecting my grandmother from learning bad words. 😂😂😂

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