Kentucky, coming and going

Yesterday we had to take the kids halfway to FL to send them off with their other parent. 7 hours there, and 8 hours back, a little rain both ways, but nothing too terrible.

What was the strangest part is all the packing they had to do and how we had to make sure we included the remainder of Girl’s birthday cake and the presents they needed to take with them. But we didn’t need anything other than what you’d normally take every time you leave the house. It’s like “Oh, just heading to KY and back. See you later.” It was bizarre and the second time I’ve done this.

It was just so much driving in one day. We had planned it that way but it worked out due to the weather, since we’ve now been hit with this crazy storm. And also because Boy #2’s gecko was in his room with one of the windows open. It was open at the top, like it slid down just a bit and when he closed the bottom part of the window, he never bothered to lock it. If he had, he would’ve seen that it couldn’t lock, because the top had fallen down two inches. It’s -4 degrees F here, with a brutal windchill. The gecko surely would’ve died overnight with the low temperatures we are predicted to get. We had to use the hair dryer to thaw out the window and get closed and locked. Naturally there’s no outlet near the window, so my wife had to hold the power strip so we could reach. Getting an extension cord from the basement seemed like a lot of extra work when we were on the second floor. It worked.

Then I needed to feed this gecko. He hates me, I think. I had to move the rock formation thing he sleeps under and he was so pissed that I moved it. Sorry, little dude, I need to make sure you’re still alive. He’s pissed off but he did eat one mealworm. He’s definitely moving slow since it’s colder around here. We have had him for three years now, so we are used to him slowing down around now.

When we were doing the kid exchange, Girl opened my car door right into her other parent’s car. It left a huge dent. I felt so much guilt and fear that I almost offered to pay for the repairs. Then I thought to myself, WAIT A SECOND, that’s your child too. Deal with it.

Then we discovered Girl didn’t bring a jacket, hoodie, or even a long sleeve shirt! Damn it, Girl!! What the heck! I made a huge announcement the night before, again yesterday at least TWICE! Apparently Girl attempted to look for a hoodie and gave up when she couldn’t find it. She didn’t look very hard. It is COLD in FL as well, child. Boy #3 once forgot his shoes on a car trip when he was younger. In fact, Girl did too, but she was young enough that it really fell on the adult driving her to make sure she had her shoes. Boy #3 asked if he had to wear shoes out to the car. Yes, yes you do, because that’s how you forgot them before.

And so now we are child free for 10 years. I can’t remember the last quiet Christmas I had where I wasn’t deployed. (That’s just a depressing Christmas, really.) I guess maybe before kids was the last quiet one. So like 19 years ago now? It’s crazy how it feels to be at home and not responsible for anything other than a couple cats and a leopard gecko.

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