Work Day

It was a morning to sleep in, but not a day off.

Thanksgiving cooking and prep was in full swing in the kitchen. Boy #3 and I assembled our new snowblower and his new smoker that was the main birthday present he got this past weekend. He helped me briefly with winterizing efforts out back. Snow sticks were placed, deck furniture cushions taken down to the basement, dead plants were dumped, all decorative items were put away, I cleaned a good portion of the garage, turned off the outside water supply, and made sure the new snowblower came on.

We also picked up a pumpkin pie and pumpkin roll from a local bakery, checked out a small gift shop next to the bakery, and picked up a couple things from the grocery store. I sat out for the grocery store because I didn’t feel very good. I think maybe I was just hungry and dehydrated because I drank gatorade and ate lunch and got all of that stuff done outside.

We just now slowing down and relaxing. What made me really happy is that Boy #3 and Girl were super helpful with all of that, although I have to say that Girl didn’t really take a break and Boy #3 did. I think Boy #2 was on the phone with his friends, not helping a whole lot. We weren’t counting on any help from either of them, but both really helped out a ton. I think Boy #3 helped more in the kitchen than he did outside, but he did help with both.

Last year, we didn’t do a great job of preparing for winter. We left a huge pile of leaves on the grass, the snow came, and all the grass died under the leaves. Then we eventually had to rake up wet, compacted leaves. It was terrible, so I vowed not to do that again. We’ve had a couple dustings of snow in the past week, so when it was in the 50s here today, I was excited to get a bunch done outside. Although I grew up in the Northeast, I was never a house-owning adult up there. So when I moved here, I didn’t really know what to do that first winter. In the Southeast, you don’t really do anything to prepare for winter. You might get a week’s worth of really cold weather, but generally I enjoyed the winter down there with no need for a coat.

But what I did miss was the seasons and snow. I did see snow in Georgia a couple of times, but it wasn’t more than two inches at a time, which never really felt like real snow. Fall is my favorite season and we have had the most beautiful fall here this year. So many red and orange trees and probably the most beautiful leaves ever. I don’t know why some falls only have ugly colors. I guess maybe a combination of a bunch of different reasons.

Anyway, we are ready for tomorrow and the remaining cooking efforts to tackle. There’s a parade to watch, a dog show that’s been requested, and some football too. I can’t wait. I never liked Thanksgiving much as a kid, but as an adult it’s become my most favorite holiday. Although we aren’t traveling anywhere like we did last year, it’s always a party with these three kids! Maybe there will be some time for board games and fun after all the food!!

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