Weird is Cool!!

From Tiny Buddha

I used to be afraid of my weird. But at the same time, for me, my weird was out there for everyone to see. I wasn’t like everyone else. And when I was really small, that didn’t matter to me. I didn’t care what everyone else told me I was supposed to be, I was just me. But in middle school, the peer pressure gets to be too much. I tried a little bit to fit in, but that wasn’t enough. And as an adult, I tried to give in completely and fit in. Not only did I continue to stand out, but I was making myself miserable.

So wave your weird around! It repels the boring people who you don’t want anyway!

3 responses to “Weird is Cool!!”

  1. Weird is much more interesting.

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    1. It makes me sad when I see kids that are afraid to be weird. Life is so much better just being yourself.

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