I’m dying to travel. I wasn’t big into traveling when I was younger. I did a TON of traveling with the military, mostly around the US and then on deployments. We often flew into awesome places like Ireland and Iceland on the way out to the desert. I really want to visit those places. But I want to go to Greece badly. 2023 isn’t looking like it’s likely to happen, but the plans are definitely being made for 2024.

There’s so much I want to see there. The beautiful islands and water and the ancient ruins. I want to eat the food and meet the people. And mostly I’m afraid I will never want to come back to the US. I like the US. I like a lot of people in the US. But life in other countries looks amazing too. The water around the islands of Greece and around Greece looks so perfect. I picture myself floating on a boat, just admiring the beauty of the water around me. It would be so relaxing that I might fall asleep, but I don’t think I really would be able to.

I can’t imagine what it would feel like to stand next to the Parthenon or stare up at the Temple of Olympian Zeus. There’s so much to see and do. I’ve watched videos of the islands and Athens. I just want to be there now, not two years from now.

I think the most important thing I want to do is just relax and enjoy myself in the moment. It always feels like that is easier to do when you are on vacation with no worries about ordinary life. My stress has gone way done since I retired from the military, but so many times I wasted time being stressed and now appreciating the moment I was in.

The first vacation place that made me actually relax was Key West. The funny part was that I was actually there for work. We worked some during the day and then spent a lot of time out around the fun areas at night. There was live music everywhere and we went on a boat with a live band. It was a big boat. There was food and drinks and it was just fun to breathe, listen to music, and not think about the rest of my life and what a dumpster fire it was.

I haven’t been back to Key West since then but I do hope to get back at some point. I’d really rather go to Greece first, if I’m being honest with myself. The idea of going somewhere new and fun sounds awesome.

Where is your favorite vacation spot? Have you traveled to other counties and if so, which was your favorite? I need more ideas for future travels!!

Greece, take me away!!

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