Daily Prompt 5/10/23

Daily writing prompt
What public figure do you disagree with the most?

(I started this 6 days ago and never got back to it. I am going to keep the original date.)

I decided to just go in order of the prompts I’ve already used. I thought this one would be so easy but as I sit here thinking, I realized that it’s not. There’s a lot of people in politics on both sides that I disagree with quite a bit, but to single one out and say THE MOST? I think that’s a little trickier. And I’m thinking too deep about public figures.

But I guess I will go with Andrew Tate, the loser misogynist. He’s trying to lead some incel revolution that is slowly turning violent. It seems like that violence might be slowing down, or maybe I am just less aware. But his beliefs on using women and treating them poorly are sickening. What’s really gross is that he’s just saying the quiet part out loud in a lot of guys’ minds. I have heard such filthiness from some dudes; enough to know that it’s more than just words.

But the worst part of all of this is that Tate and guys like him are using this as an opportunity to grift by selling courses promising to teach dudes how to attract more women to “dominate.” I will never understand how anyone thinks being a jerk is a good plan for the long-term. I’ve seen many people try this and it doesn’t seem to work for them. But I guess when you’re desperate for something you can’t seem to have, you’ll do whatever it takes.

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