Daily Prompt 4/27/23

Daily writing prompt
Do you vote in political elections?

Absolutely, 100% yes I do.

But it wasn’t always like that. I used to think that my vote didn’t matter. As a blue in a big blue state, or a lone blue in very red state or area, it just never seemed like it mattered. It was also really complicated because on some issues, I was a red. Usually more fiscal stuff than social issues, but still. I’ve always felt like there weren’t great candidates that truly represented me.

Now I still feel like my vote doesn’t matter in this area/state for state level and federal elections. Local elections, I do think it matters. We are in the middle of primary season for mayor in the city and there are people I definitely think represent NO ONE in this city. Between all current candidates, there are three I could live with and three I think are terrible choices. Of the three I could live with, two are solid and one is just ok. (As I’m writing this, it sounds vaguely familiar so my apologies if I already wrote about this.)

I think everyone should register to vote and then choose whether to abstain or to vote. I do think abstaining is a perfectly acceptable option too. But it should be a choice and not because of laziness. This is completely separate from people who are unable to vote due to work hours, long lines, etc. That’s an issue with voting access that must be addressed and solved. No one should be kept from voting because they can’t afford to leave work.

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