Daily Prompt 4/19/23

Daily writing prompt
When is the last time you took a risk? How did it work out?

The last time I took a risk was being very blunt with Parents #2 about how to interact with their own child. I was concerned that they might think less of me but I knew that the only way they could continue building their relationship with The Ex. There had been so much hurt and pain and even estrangement in the past between all of them. And that threat was looming again earlier this year.

But somehow they knew they could count on me, that I would be honest and direct. So behind the scenes, without The Ex knowing, I coached them to victory with their own child. And even though there is still so much work to be done between all of them. But I helped them get this started and hopefully build a foundation they can continue working to build on. That’s all I want for Parents #2; to maintain an adult relationship with their child as soon as that child decides to become an adult.

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