Daily Prompt 4/18/23

Daily writing prompt
Describe a risk you took that you do not regret.

Moving to be with my wife.

I knew her in college. We had been friends on FB for years, sometimes messaging for awhile over a period of days. But always supporting each other.

After she lost her husband, I became her best source of support as we messaged every day. We messaged all day, every day. Our feelings started shifting but that’s easy when you don’t have to see each other in person. Since we had been friends for so long, it would require a shift that might not work in person. So she came to visit me and help me move to a new house. Then she came again to hang out. In all, we spent 20 days together in person, easily adjusting to this shift.

It was actually by the end of the first 10 day visit that I knew I needed to be with her and I couldn’t handle a long term long distance relationship. But to move 900 miles after 20 days total in person, that was a huge risk that didn’t scare me at the time. Sometimes now, when I think about it, it does scare me. I would not advise the kids to do that ever. But for me, in this one circumstance, because this was a person I knew when I was just a wee 18 year old and we were way closer friends than we had been in college, I felt the risk wasn’t as risky as it might seem to other people.

I’m a big risk taker overall and have taken some risks bigger than this. Some have worked out, some blew up in my face, but I don’t generally regret any risk I’ve taken. There’s always something to gain from taking a risk, even if it’s a learning lesson or something you know you need to stay away from in the future.

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