Local Politics

Tonight my wife and I went to a forum for some mayoral candidates in our city. Wow. That’s all I can really say. Of the 5 contenders who spoke tonight there are actually only two viable candidates for me. Of the other three:

-One didn’t seem to really prepare for this government thing and kept saying things like “We will just figure it out together. We will find the answers.” Ummm ok? Shouldn’t you have a plan at this point since you are running for mayor?

-Two are currently serving on the city council already and seem really, really unfit to represent this city. One of them bragged about his retirement and how he wasn’t trying to be mayor to pad his retirement because he “has a great retirement that I earned already.” Dude bro, how do you say “I can’t relate to the impoverished people I want to govern” without actually saying it? He’s also head of a union. He will tell you all about it. The other guy couldn’t figure out how to work a microphone, how to not shout into said microphone, and how to defend himself and his 30 year political career from the onslaught of attacks about not getting it done these past 30 years. He yelled randomly about the state of the city roads and somehow made me hate him and wish he would just STFU.

Of the two viable candidates, one has a lot of experience and seems to have had success at the levels he’s governed at. He’s a smooth talker, trained social worker, and lived in this city since he was in college. So he chose to live here, which is cool to see. I know where his house is and he’s right there in the middle of “the people.” He gets it. Plus my wife knows him and says he’s a stand up guy. That’s good enough for me.

The other guy is a superstar but has no government experience…yet. I really think he could be this city’s future. He’s got great ideas and plans to move forward. He seems to have a really good head on his shoulders and I’d love to hear more about his ideas and how he wants to move the city forward. If he wins the primary, I wouldn’t be mad. I’d definitely vote for him over the weasely other guy running from the party with only candidate. We happened to meet this weasely guy tonight. He also has no experience in government. I’m not sure what he’s done, really. He was more focused on his church and everything he’s done with his church. Cool story bro, tell me more about your plans as mayor. I don’t care about your church.

In other political news, Trump was arraigned and today has felt like the weirdest day ever. As a former NY, it’s so surprising that this man has managed to dodge charges related to business fraud. It was common knowledge back in the day in NY that he did all kinds of fraudulent business practices. But it took him becoming president to find these business practices? Insane. Truly insane.

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