Daily Prompt 3/26/23

Daily writing prompt
What makes you laugh?

Everything makes me laugh. I mean, I take things seriously when I have to, but I love laughing. Once in college there was a girl whose laugh was so funny that it made me laugh. Unfortunately her laughing at my laugh made me laugh at her laugh even more. So we would get stuck in these endless cycles of laughing because we found each other’s laugh so funny. It was a good time. It made everyone else around us laugh too. My great-aunt used to snort when she laughed on purpose and that ALWAYS made me laugh a lot too.

I am often the person still laughing when everyone else has moved on. I don’t know why, but it takes me a long time to stop laughing sometimes. I guess mostly I just don’t want to stop. Laughing feels so good sometimes and stopping makes me feel sad.

I also like laughing at good jokes, good comedy, funny movies, and mishaps where nobody gets hurt.

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